Olivia Swaak-Goldman has twenty-five years’ experience in international justice and diplomacy, has published extensively on issues of international criminal law and international humanitarian law, and served as a lecturer for both Harvard and Leiden Universities.



Matt Bracken is founder and president of Wild and Free Foundation, a registered non-profit in the USA dedicated to saving the African rhinoceros from extinction.

In 2011, after ten years in the African photographic safari industry, Matt Bracken became the first Am...

Artist, cultural thinker, John Jay professor of environmental justice, Mary Ting will give a historical, cultural visual presentation on the Chinese market for endangered species products. From elephant ivory to helmeted hornbill, rhino horn, tiger and lion bone, to ab...

Kathi Lynn Austin will share stories about her intrepid three-continent investigation into the guns used by wildlife traffickers and how her CSI "follow the guns" approach has enabled her to identify rhino poaching kingpins and help bring them to justice. A former UN a...

On a recent visit to the Faraday Traditional Healer’s Market in downtown Johannesburg, I spotted a live Leopard Tortoise. The large reptile was in her own filth in a plastic container without food or water. After much internal debate, I decided to pay R900 to save her...

Many thanks to everyone interested, and to those who donated, to the Cyclone Idai disaster relief. 

Also, thank you to Wild and Free Foundation for making their 501 C3 fund available to us. For those who don't know, W&F is the soccer for poacher’s foundation...

Hemingway Safaris is taking donations for the villages hard hit by Cyclone Idai in Zimbabwe. We are collecting funds through the Wild and Free Foundation. 100% of donations will be used to bring food and clothing to some of the areas most affected by the cyclone. Wild...

2017 has been a busy year in the multiple fights to help save our wildlife in Africa.

            Stop lion canned hunting and shut down lion breeding centers.

            Stop all lion trophy hunting....

        In 1955 we had close to 500,000 wild lions on this planet.  We now have an optimistic number of 25,000 of which only 3,500 are the big male trophy lions. Between the years 2000 and 2009, hunters shot 6, 500 of these; a number listed by CITES and this number doe...

 "With African elephant populations plummeting because of poaching for the ivory trade, China's announcement that it will phase out its legal market by the end of next year comes as welcome news to advocates."

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