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The mission of Hemingway Safaris is to introduce clients to a broader picture of Africa; one that embraces the people and culture, remote wilderness adventure, and wildlife conservation, suited to the ecological commitments of our times.

Hemingway Safaris was created organically by Brian Gaisford. What started as a way to introduce family and friends to the safari wilderness, has developed into a full time operation. Brian has led over 100 safaris in more than 20 countries to date. With a taste for adventure, he has always sought to make every trip a little different by continuously exploring new regions and cultivating on-the-ground lasting relationships. Brian is now an expert on Sub-Saharan travel as a whole.

Whether traveling luxuriously or on a budget, Hemingway Safaris can design an experience with a unique personal touch. We run both pre-set group itineraries and custom designed trips throughout Africa. There are no other safari companies in NYC where you can find this level of experience or accessibility.

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