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Uganda & D.R. Congo

Uganda is the Switzerland of Africa. The main draw to Uganda is the Gorilla and Chimp tracking which we do on a regular basis both in Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. We also worked with the Ugandan Game Department to rid Uganda of the pesticide Furadan. Furadan is produced in the US yet banned for use here. The powerful poison was exported to Uganda and utilized in animal poaching. Thankfully, Furadan has been withdrawn from Uganda due to our work with 60 Minutes to expose the illegal use there. Google: Furadan 60 Minutes to see the full story. Hemingway Safaris is very close with the owners of the top lodges in Uganda. This is an incredible scenic country along the Rift Valley and the quality of the lodges will blow you away. The D. R. Congo provides an additional option for Gorilla tracking. The quality of the lodges at the Gorilla sanctuaries and the Nyiragongo Volcano is increasing rapidly. We also offer trips to Lola Ya Bonobo, the Bonobo sanctuary in the Western Congo. Lola’s founder Claudine Andre recently returned to the Congo after a successful fundraising event at Hemingway Gallery.

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