South Africa

We personally welcome our groups in Johannesburg where our safari vehicles, staff, and offices are based. We have great relationships with luxury lodges all around South Africa. We also developed an educational program inside Kruger Park in a private area with the two best master guides in all of Africa. The program focuses on team building by working on wildness and tracking skills in a luxury setting. Hemingway Safaris produced a documentary film to expose the spread of Bovine Tuberculosis in South African lions. The majority of lions in Kruger Park test positive for TB; a fact hidden from the public even though Bovine TB cannot be spread to humans. Cape Town is also one of the most ideal locations in all of Africa. We have vehicles and guides based there for trips to the Wine Country, Cape Point, Table Mountain and the prime shopping locations.

Three nights in Cape Town is suggested for all safaris.

Mountain, Bush, Lake & Ocean Expedition

Contact us for the full itinerary of ​​this NEW amazing trip. 

Wildlife Conservation Adventure Safari

Hemingway Safaris has run and perfected this trip for over 40 years. It highlights the best of South Africa by combining animal viewing with wildlife conservation and education. Budget and luxury options available. ​​

Chimp Eden

     This amazing Jane Goodall chimp sanctuary is home to rescued abused chimps from all over Africa. The organization launches commando styled missions into countries like the DR Congo, Uganda, Angola and others to free chimps from chains, torture, small steel cages, and solitary confinement where they have spent many years.


Animal Rehab Center

      The Rehab Center and Lodge is situated on the slopes of the majestic North Eastern Lowveld Drakensberg mountain range. The area is host to a unique habitat for over 300 bird species including 34 species of Raptors and 5 primates, amongst them, the very rare Samango Monkey.

The Rehab Center is a hands-on experiencewith cheetah, rhino, and birds of prey. The Rehab Center has become a haven for the rehabilitation and care of abandoned, injured, and poisoned wildlife. Wildlife is brought to the center from all corners of South Africa and, once healthy enough are re-introduced into their natural environments. Those creatures which cannot be returned to the wild due to the nature and extent of their injuries, are cared for at the center and are used to educate the many people who visit.

Kruger National Park

      The world-renowned Kruger National Park offers a wildlife experience that ranks with the best in Africa. Established in 1898 to protect the wildlife of the South African Lowveld, this national park of nearly 2 million hectares, Kruger National Park is unrivalled in its game diversity. Kruger is home to an impressive number of species: 336 trees, 49 fish, 34 amphibians, 114 reptiles, 507 birds and 147 mammals. 


Timbavati Private Game Reserve

     Here you will meet the best game trackers and most knowledgeable guides in all of Africa. This is not an exaggeration.

South Africa's famous Kruger Park borders the private Timbavati reserve. The aim is to keep the camp's footprint as small as possible and to totally immerse you into the natural environment. There are no fences around our camp and you may not see another person during your stay. This will appeal to those who prefer more of a camping style safari. We have open safari Land cruisers but will also focus on tracking big game on foot incorporating tracking and hands-on bush survival. Please be advised that Hemingway Safaris does not offer walking trails itself. We shy on the side of caution due to the unexpected dangers that exist when walking in big game country. You will be welcome at your own risk, to join a walking trail offered by an armed ranger.

      We can cater to either your budget or luxury inclinations.  We have a fly camp and an permanent lodge with a swimming pool. 

Best Times to Travel:

  • June / July / August: This is an amazing game-viewing time when the bush is low and the animals are concentrated around the few remaining watering holes. The temperature is cool and night and warm during the day.

  • January / February: This is the beautiful 'Green Season' in South Africa. The warm weather is ideal for the swimming pools at the lodges and a beach vacation add-on.

Safari Add-Ons:

  • Fly to Cape Town 3 days +

  • Fly to Victoria Falls + 2 days

  • Drive the Garden Route + 5 days

  • Fly to Uganda for Gorilla tracking 7 days +

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