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Soccer and Fishing Tournaments for Rhino Poachers

A holistic approach to saving rhinos by empowering the people.


It may sound unconventional or crazy to be helping alleged poachers, but most poachers are desperate minors with no work or future. The impoverished people in Africa, specifically, Mozambique are starving and have no job prospects besides the government and Kingpins who are funneling money to poach Rhinos. Poachers are treated as disposable as there are an endless supply of young people willing to do the rich and untouchables poaching bidding. Anti-poaching rangers have killed or arrested 500 people in recent years along the borders of Mozambique and Kruger Park in South Africa. Half built homes still stand in Mozambique of the young men who died trying to provide for their family poaching. 

Millions of donated dollars are thrown into this so-called Rhino War,

however the slaughter continues. Another solution is needed. Soccer

and fishing tournaments are the potential answer. The goal is to keep

the poachers on the soccer field, and out of the bush. 


In collaboration with Matt Bracken from the Wild and Free Foundation

we are working to bring tourism, jobs, and sport to the impoverished

poaching villages. 17 soccer teams turned out for the first tournament!

It was amazing to see the player’s reaction to wearing new uniforms

and playing with cleats for the first time.

Today the initiative has transformed into the Rhino Cup Champions League, which is the biggest rural soccer league in the Southern Hemisphere. The Rhino Cup Champions League was specifically created for the young men living in the rural villages in Mozambique adjacent to the Kruger National Park. The Rhino Cup Champions League is an organized soccer league with 12 teams representing 9 communities, in the Rural villages in southern Mozambique along the border of the Kruger National Park. The league is played during the months of April to October.

Hemingway Safaris is a proud sponsor of the Rhino Cup Champions League. 

Help Us

Please consider donating to the Wild and Free Foundation through their website for this incredible initiative. A $250 donation can purchase outfits for a full 13-man soccer team, $20 for one player. Any old and used fishing and soccer equipment will be a huge help. Gear can be sent to us in New York. 

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