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The Conflict Awareness Project (CAP) is an international non-governmental organization dedicated to investigating, documenting, and bringing to justice major arms traffickers, war profiteering networks, and transnational criminal organizations that fuel conflict around the globe.


CAP uniquely focuses on building and supporting precedent-setting criminal cases that help close the gaps in international and domestic laws and deter private actors and companies fostering the world’s most horrific wars and human rights abuses.


CAP is building momentum to pioneer the first war crimes case against an arms trafficker under international criminal law.


CAP has developed a model approach that not only demonstrates the validity but also establishes the methodology for a parallel NGO process to assist prosecutors and related rule of law bodies at the local, regional and international level with transnational, on-the-ground, investigative research, case support, expert consultation, and training.CAP works in collaboration with local actors, multilateral organizations, pro bono legal firms, and other partners in the global justice movement to raise awareness and support for prosecutions as well as to promote international peace and security.

Support our daily work and help bring major arms traffickers to justice, save lives, and help build a more just and peaceful world.
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