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Is Nielsen Survey Legit? [iNsL22]

14 seconds ago. A lot of people take part in paid surveys. There are few ways to take surveys from face to face, telephone or online surveys with Nielsen survey.

Is Nielsen Survey Legit?

Yes. Nielsen survey is legitimate. It is not scam. You can join it for free and earn great rewards.

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Probably the most popular way is take an online survey. This usually done through a survey database who have a list of surveys suitable for people in certain countries, age and sex.

Online surveys sometimes don’t pay as much of surveys that you take over the telephone or part of focus group. However, they are still a great way to make some extra cash.

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This can vary greatly survey to survey but most will start off with basic details.

Below is an example list of the type of questions you may be asked in online survey. This is by no means questions you will be asked every time but in my experience normally asked similar questions.

Example survey questions

  • Where are you from and personal details?

  • What age are you and what city were you born?

  • Where do you work and what do you do?

  • Are you married and do you have any children?

  • What is you annual income?

  • Do you own your own property?

  • Where do you normally go on holiday or vacation?

  • Do you own a car?

  • Do you smoke or drink?

  • Do you vote at elections?

Remember when you are answering questions online to only answer questions you are comfortable with.

Never give out credit card details or information you feel could be used to carry out any fraud under your name.

If in doubt ask for a phone number of the company to speak to someone on the telephone. If they are unable to supply a telephone number please don’t fill out any more details. Just about every reputable company will be happy to speak to you on the telephone. Is Nielsen Survey Legit?

Is Nielsen Survey Legit? [iNsL22]

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